Welcome New Employees to Boost Motivation and Engagement



We’ve all been there. The first day of work at a new organization. Day one can often be overwhelming for employees which is why it’s essential to create a fun, welcoming environment. Ultimately, employers must strive to engage and motivate their teams, especially new hires.

How do you provide an engaging, motivating environment on day one?

Let’s begin with ice breakers. It’s helpful to “break the ice” to encourage new employees to meet their colleagues. Employees can engage in team-building exercises that will help to get to know fellow colleagues.




Here are a few GCodes approved ice breakers:

  1. Two Truths and a Tale
  • Each employee tells 3 stories, with 1 being a fictitious tale. The objective of the game is to guess which story is the tale.
  1. Lost on a Deserted Island
  • Each employee describes one item they would bring with them if they were on a deserted island, and explain why.
  1. The Trust Walk
  • Employees are paired into teams of 2. 1 team member is blindfolded. The other partner leads the blindfolded team member around by following their voice. This allows employees to build trusting relationships.
  1. Famous Faces
  • This favourite ice breaker allows team members to maximize interaction and engagement. First, select names of celebrities or historical figures. Next, place a label on each employee’s back with the name of the famous individual. Ensure the name of the individual is not revealed. Each employee asks others for hints about the celebrity whose name they are wearing. After asking for clues from all of the group members, each person guesses the name of their celebrity. 

After you’ve completed these ice breakers, it is more than likely that your new hires will be highly motivated and engaged to join your team. Set a positive tone with dynamic, engaging on-boarding activities!

Remember, your most valuable asset is your employees.