Meet GCodes: Revolutionizing Reward Management



GCodes is a global currency that can be issued in USD, CAD, £ and € and redeemed in 85 countries. All rewards are sourced and delivered within each of the 85 GCodes countries, ensuring a truly great user experience for all GCodes members. With GCodes you never need to worry about complex currency conversions again!

The GCodes API enables companies to instantly reward every activity with codes valued from ¢10 to $2500, all delivered in real time. GCodes are an easy, effective way to provide rewards for both your domestic and international programs. GCodes provides you with fully responsive mobile design so you can deliver codes anywhere, anytime!

GCodes provides rewards to boost loyalty, recognize performance, engage employees, as well as instantly monetize your app, anywhere. With GCodes, you gain instant access to all reward categories across 85 countries including: Merchandise, Virtual Rewards, Retail Gift Cards, Hotels and Travel, Experience & Event Tickets, and Mobile Top-up.

Eliminate the complexity of reward management with GCodes.

GCodes’ three-click redemption process enables recipients to go from email to shopping in just seconds. GCodes brings virtual rewards to a whole new level of ease: Receive, Redeem, and Shop!

The beauty of the GCodes platform is not only the features and functionality, but the security in banking your currency. The GCodes Mobile Wallet enables recipients to securely bank and accumulate their rewards. Not only can you bank your earnings, you can also top-up your GCodes purchases with PayPal!

GCodes perfects the art of rewards management with multiple ways to take advantage of the flexibility of the GCodes API including:

  • Monetize Badges
  • Instant “Thank You”
  • Instant Gifting
  • Instant Loyalty
  • Survey Completion Bonus
  • Instant Employee Benefits
  • Rewarding App Transactions

3 Simple Ways to Try GCodes Today!

  1. Bulk purchase GCodes online including currency and denominations.
  2. Salesforce: Download the GCodes app available now on the AppExchange.
  3. GCodes API: Connect directly to GCodes API for real-time code management.

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